Invitation Bridge Update - April 2018

Invitation Bridge Update:

On Palm Sunday, Fr. Scott challenged all of us to be able to answer three questions:    1 – Are we starting a capital campaign? 2 – What project will we be raising money for? 3 – Why is this project important for St. John’s?

If you don’t know the answers, find a person with an “Ask Me About the Bridge”  buttonon Sunday morning for the answers or to discuss your own questions about the project.

A couple of updates:

1. The construction drawings are about 65% complete.  Once they are finalized, they will be sent to our general contractor, Oliver & Co. for more precise cost estimates.  Ray Craun has developed a new bridge design calling for a straight rather than curved structure.  This would simplify the pier requirements and provide a potentially lower cost solution.

There is a difference of opinion about the approach needed on the design of the bridge which has implications for the amount of concrete required and, of course, significant potential impact on construction costs.  The issue needs to be ironed out with the help of our civil and structural engineers, and

2. Of the three agencies from which we need permits for the bridge, the Water Quality Board will likely be the most challenging. They focus on the amount of shading on the creek that will be added by construction of the bridge.  The shading impact could be ameliorated by our paying for the elimination of shading on a waterway somewhere else in Oakland.

However, another solution that may be acceptable to Water Quality is a joint effort with Montclair Presbyterian.  Montclair Presbyterian needs to remove an older foot bridge across the same creek on their property.  This “elimination” of shading by removing their bridge could potentially neutralize the addition of shading on our portion of the Creek and be less costly than our paying for a “fix” somewhere else in Oakland.

Stay tuned for more information about this unique opportunity for St. John’s to work with a neighboring church community.