St John's is blessed to have many active members who provide their time and effort to help. I want to describe the activities of the Finance Ministry, both to provide information on its activities and also hope some of you will be inspired to become willing to lend us a hand. The Finance Ministry works closely with the Treasurer, Lilah Greene.

The Finance and Operations Ministry currently includes these activities, which broadly cover the financial, administrative, and facilities operations. We cook the books and look after our household.

Money Ministry

Members of this ministry are responsible for counting and depositing the money received each Sunday. Working in teams, the schedule calls for counting 6 to 8 times a year.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the budgets and expenditures of St. John's operations and programs. This includes overseeing the special funds that are separate from the general operating expenses which hold funds whose use is restricted or specially designated by the Vestry and Donors.

Planned Giving Committee

This is a Vestry sub-committee composed of both Vestry members and parishioners for the purpose of assisting parishioners to plan financially for the future. Estate planning seminars are held periodically. Diocesan resources are available. The PGC collaborates with the Legacy Society. The Society includes St. John’s parishioners who have included St. John’s in their long-term financial planning, such as leaving a donation to St. John’s in their wills and forming charitable annuity trusts. 

Ministry Catalyst

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