Groups and individuals at St. John’s have always been involved in projects outside the parish. These are supported by individual church members and special fundraisers.


In 2007, St. John's co-founded Genesis, a regional interfaith community action in the East Bay Region. It includes St. John’s as a founding member and currently is comprised of fourteen churches, labor unions and public advocacy organizations. In addition to giving money to this organization, members of St. John’s serve in leadership positions. For more information, visit http://www.genesisca.org.

St. James Food Pantry

Supplies food to those in need at St. James Episcopal Church in Oakland. There are collection baskets in the hall leading to the restrooms.

Towne House Christmas Party

We gather and deliver presents for this party, often providing the only gifts  memebers of the program receive.  Towne House is part of Bay Area Community Services (BACS), and provides day programs for chronically mentally ill folks who live close to the bone.

African Partners Committee

An active group formed in 2007 to enhance our long-standing relationships with three grass roots ministries, noted below, taking place in Uganda and Tanzania. Members of St. John’s have visited all three ministries and maintain communication.  You can help support all three ministries by buying fair trade coffee from the Mirembe Kawaomera coffee company, a Ugandan cooperative of Jewish, Muslim and Christian coffee farmers. This coffee is imported by the Thanksgiving Coffee Company and is available for sale at St. John’s on the first Sunday of every month.

Youth Encouragement Services – Y.E.S. Uganda - Located in Fort Portal, Y.E.S. is a Christian based non-profit established in 1996 by American Carol Adams to address the crisis of the 2 million children who have lost parents to AIDS.

KIDA – Kitojo Integrated Development Association - Directed by Rev. Ezra and Marjorie Musobozi, KIDA is located in the Ruwenzori foothills of Western Uganda, near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This area is rural and very poor.

Friends of Ruwenzori, founded by Karen and Gil Gleason of St. John's. For more information, please visit www.friendsofruwenzori.org.


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