Memories from the 2012 Women's Retreat

In-Reach is a broad ministry category comprising ministries of a fellowship nature (such as the 20s/30s group), some that are pastoral (such as the ride/carpool ministry), and a few that defy categorization (such as the ecology group). Following are some of our ongoing in-reach programs. For more information, contact the In-Reach Ministry Catalyst.

Carpool/Ride Ministry

The carpool/ride ministry volunteers coordinate and provide rides to St. John’s Sunday services and events for those unable to provide their own transportation (as well as to reduce our carbon footprint.)

Casserole Brigade

The casserole brigade is a group of volunteers that make themselves available to deliver a simple meal to a St. John’s family in a time of need. When alerted that there is a birth, accident, surgery, illness, death or other emergency in a family, the brigade offers its services.

Foyer Groups

Foyer groups of 6–8 share meals with one another throughout the year, each group deciding whether to gather for dinner in a member’s home, brunch at a restaurant, or picnic in the park. They are a wonderful way to get to know one another in a relaxed social setting. Sign-ups are in the early fall of each year.

Hospitality (AKA Java Corps)

All St. John’s groups are assigned “ownership” of coffee hour once or twice per year for Sunday services. Many use the opportunity to educate the parish about their groups or ministries.


This group of volunteers welcomes visitors at Sunday services and provides information for newcomers, offering a welcoming path into the St. John’s community through Welcome Sundays, phone calls and visits.

Rector’s Pastoral Care Team & Pastoral Prayer Partners

The Rector’s Pastoral Care Team offers prayer, communication and support to parishioners, who are connected as needed to a team that offers help with home visits, transportation and more.


Parish/family, men's, women's, and youth. The parish/family retreat is held each Mother's Day weekend, when parishioners of all ages gather at the Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon to swim, create, hike, read, worship, nap, play games or do just about anything! All are welcome and financial assistance is available. The men’s group, women’s and youth groups also schedule annual weekend retreats, typically in the spring.

Saints and Sinners Softball Team

Since 1997, St. John’s has fielded a team in the Piedmont adult softball league. A “kinder, gentler” form of co-ed, slow-pitch softball, the team usually plays one night a week from June to August.

Social Groups

St. John's has a number of groups formed around specific groups of people, including: Men’s Group, Women's Group, Singles Group, 20s/30s Group and the Elderberries. These groups meet regularly for fellowship, fun and networking.

Ministry Catalyst

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