The Bible defines a "steward" as one who manages resources that are not theirs, and does what the owner would do with those resources.

Members of the Stewardship team perform the critical function of planning and running St. John's annual fund drive each fall. But that's just a part of what they do. Those serving on Stewardship also challenge themselves and everyone in our community to routinely ask, "What is stewardship and what does it mean to be a good steward?"

The definitions are varied as we are, but there are common threads of receiving caring, tending, generosity, gratitude, giving, and joy. Throughout the year, the Stewardship Ministry seeks multiple ways for the congregation to encounter and develop this greater sensibility of giving. Through programs and within our worship services we are encouraged to:

  • celebrate stewardship in its deepest, theological sense
  • be guided by gratitude, not guilt
  • look for abundance, rather than scarcity
  • perform joyful acts of thanksgiving in response to God's abundant gifts

If you are interested in being part of this dynamic, creative ministry please contact Victoria at 916­-801­-6113.

Ministry Catalyst