Choose Your Cottage Meeting

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about exciting changes on the horizon for St. John’s, and see how you can take part in them. As we Step Up for Growth and Vitality at St. John’s in 2020, we will focus on why the increased financial participation of each and every one of us is essential, to put us the on a path to a vibrant, secure, and reasonably staffed future where we can continue to champion the change we wish to see in our community and the world. 

There’s much at stake. Sign up for a Cottage Meeting at church or in the home of a fellow parishioner.

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This conversation promises to be thought-provoking, enlightening, inspirational. Bring your ideas and questions. As a strong community, Stepping Up together can accomplish great things. This is the legacy and power of St. John’s. 

We will not be asking for money at the cottage meetings. Traditional Pledge Packets will be distributed in October. Pledge Sundays will be November 10 and 17.

Our heart has not turned back, nor have our steps departed from your way
Psalm 44:18